Adrian G. De La Pena // Director, producer, writer, editor


Adrian is a Mexican Director - Editor based in Edmonton Alberta. Among his most outstanding work is the recently award winning shortfilm T- Minus(2018) at the British Screenwriters Festival for Best Short. In 2014 directed a segment for the  International horror anthology World of death called ∑:Math with international distribution througha digital platform.

During his career he has been commissioned to create music videoclips for world-known punk-hardcore band Acidez and other music bands from Mexico and Argentina like Machingón, Katmandú and Dream Master.  

As an editor, he has been hired to work on trailers and spec trailers for American entertainment companies Have not films / TLG Motion pictures as well as creating poster art for them.

In Canada, he has constantly collaborated as an editor and graphic designer with Canadian Academy winner and Master of Cinema-Verité Rosvita Dransfeld from ID Productions. He has created graphic elements and posters for the recently released Academy nominated documentary series Equus, CBS Award winning documentary film Vital Bonds, and Internationally renowned shorts Fast Horse and Boy Nomad from Handful of films production company.

Brand ambassador for Someone somewhere, a Mexican brand bridging the gaps between fashion and traditional mexican artctaft, supporting towns in need with fair salaries for their work.

He has been awarded internationally for his work as a photographer.

If you would like to collaborate, work with Adrian or just to say hi please get in touch or via email:

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